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Fans riot at Mexican soccer match leaving injured behind

On Saturday, the defending Liga MX Champions, Atlas, were ahead 1-0 over Querétaro’s team after the first hour of play. Suddenly, fans started fighting in the stands. The violence quickly spread to the field as the melee engulfed the entire stadium causing people to flee for the lives.

22 people were injured with two people in critical condition.

“I strongly condemn today’s violence at the Corregidora Stadium,” Mauricio Kuri, the governor of Querétaro State, said on Twitter. “I have given instructions to apply the law with all its consequences.”

Mexican soccer has experienced fan-led riots in the past. in 2021, fans watching a match between Atlas and their rivals, Chivas, started a riot that disrupted the match. In 2019, A match between Querétaro and Atlético de San Luis was suspended after spectators were injured in riots.

In the past, FIFA warned with the Mexican Soccer Federation about violent fans and racist chants targeting other players and teams.

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