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Keeping your core strong can lead to better health, here are five exercises to help you stay fit

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – My days of being a decent athlete are long past. Sure, I still get out and walk three miles daily. I jump on my bike and ride my 20 miles circuit. And, as a yogi, I can still put the newbies to shame.

My secret, you ask. Core power. Inner core strength keeps you balanced, stable, strong, while allowing free flow of movement in those sports and activities you practice throughout your whole life. Indeed, a strong core helps in daily life by improving your posture while sitting, standing, and bending over.

Here are three different poses that I practice daily to keep me on track:

  1. Warrior 2 – a great pose to stretch your hips, open the chest, develop balance and stability while improving circulation and stimulation.

2. Plank Pose (Utthita Chatturanga Dandasana) Plank pose can be pretty challenging if you have supported your own body weight for a while. But with little steps and continued practice, you should be able to support your body while developing your inner core strength. The benefits of practicing plank include: strengthens the core, tones the triceps, improves bone health, and helps tone and strengthen the back muscles.

3. Bird Dog Pose (Parsva Balasana) This seems like an easy pose to do. But, when you’re in it for a minute or so, you can really feel the weight of your limbs. Just remember to steadily breathe and stay focused. The benefits of Parva Balasana are many, including: strengthening and stabilizing the core, strengthens the back muscles, potentially increasing stability and balance, while maybe making connections between the right side and left sides of your brain.

These exercises are not meant for everyone. When you start a new exercise regime, remember to consult your Doctor or healthcare provider.

The moment to begin a healthier lifestyle is now. Just remember to take it slow and steady. Life is a marathon not a sprint.

Some informational and referential content courtesy of Harmony Yoga, Authentic Yoga,, Ekhart Yoga, Hugger Mugger, and Yoga Journal.

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