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Terms of Service

By using,, and all affiliates, you agree to the following and understand that your use of, and all affiliates may be forfeit if you engage in or don’t comply with the Terms of Service outlined below:

  1. You are a human being and part of the human race.
  2. You will register as yourself or the organization you represent. You will not create fake accounts or so-called BOT accounts.
  3. You will promote education and optimism to other humans.
  4. You will strive to be the best person you can be.
  5. You will strive to seek truth and report it.
  6. You will respect the opinions of others regardless if you do not share the same opinions.
  7. You will endeavor to treat others with understanding and kindness.
  8. You will put your best foot forward and positively engage with others from different ethnic, cultural, religious, economic, sexual, and gender backgrounds.
  9. You support the Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations in 1948.
  10. You will promote and post only factually based news that can be verified by multiple sources.
  11. You will consider others when promoting or posting news and not engage in inflammatory or hyperbolic news, content, postings, etc.
  12. You will seek to minimize harm and even though you have the right to publish your opinion, you agree to be mindful and consider other people’s feelings and emotions before submitting or broadcasting material.
  13. You will not belittle, bully, or promote violence of any kind toward another member of the human race.
  14. You agree to refrain from posting, promoting, or otherwise exhibiting racially biased or pornographic material.
  15. You will not promote or engage in any form of human trafficking, child pornography or engage in the exploitation of minors or people who are unable to protect themselves.
  16. You will not disclose any personal or private information about other user’s.
  17. You will not promote news that may be considered untrue, fake, or untrustworthy.
  18. You will not use, or any of its’ affiliated platforms to engage in persuasion campaigns, propaganda campaigns, or influence campaigns.
  19. You will not promote violence, terrorism, or terrorist acts.
  20. You will not engage in, but not limited to, the following cyber attacks: SPAM attacks, Phishing, Scraping of info, DoS, Ransomware, Malware, Man-in-the-middle, SQL injection, Trojan horse, Zero-day, computer virus, spyware, SQL, Brute Force, Computer worm, rootkit, Domain Name System, Insider Threat, Cross-site scripting, Botnet, SMS Phishing, Pharming, Spoofing, Malware, attacks, etc.
  21. You will not attempt to defraud, manipulate, or in anyway cause harm to another user.
  22. You will not attempt to, engage in, or commit fraud against the elderly.
  23. You agree to behave in an ethical and a transparent manner.
  24. You agree to abide by the local laws of your country and the laws of the United States as you understand them.
  25. You will not market, sell, or promote illegals items such as drugs, explosives, or firearms.
  26. You agree to not attempt to alter the code of,, or any associated content management system (CMS) or content delivery network (CDN) associated with the aforementioned.
  27. You agree that you are an individual and as such, further agree not use use Artificial Intelligence (AI) of any kind that currently exists or may exist in the future, to promote, post, of disseminate material across the current and future versions of,, or any associated content management system (CMS) or content delivery network (CDN) associated with the aforementioned.
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