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19-Year Old Man Livestreams on Facebook As He Murders Four People in Memphis, TN

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – a misguided 19-year old male killed four people in Memphis, Tennessee overnight as he drove his car around the city, shooting victims with his pistol, and live-streaming his murderous mayhem on Facebook.

The gunman was previously incarcerated for aggravated assault and he served a portion of his sentence. Mayor, Jim Strickland, told reporters that that if the shooter had served his full prison term, “four of our fellow citizens would still be alive today.”

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, reportedly shut-down the live-stream before the Memphis Police were alerted but declined to say how long it took the company to stop the stream.

The Memphis community has been rocked by recent crimes. Last week, a jogger was brutally murdered after being abducted during her early morning run.

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