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Asia Pacific Leaders Meet in San Francisco

(November 15, 2023) SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Asia Pacific Leaders met earlier this morning in San Francisco to discuss the fate of the world while protestors outside voiced their concerns about the ongoing war in Gaza that has taken the lives of at least 12,000 Israelis and Palestinians combined since Hamas invaded Israel over one month ago. 

The demonstrators are also voicing the angst against irresponsible business practices that are hurrying climate change that is impacting everyone around the world by fire, flood, and drought.

Leaders of Big Tech are set to meet with Presidents and Prime Ministers in San Francisco.  AI and social media will be a topic they will discuss.  How can they implant their ideas into our heads The US lags behind other nations in Internet protections for the populace.

Lies, propaganda, and deceit are what constitute the Social Media today, the titans of industry are unable to keep even themselves safe.  Recently, Antigone Davis said that Facebook and all Social Media companies need to be regulated by the government. 

Why didn’t Facebook ask for government regulation when the false rumors were floating around about Mark Zuckerberg’s passing?

Then there is X, the company formerly known as Twitter.  False information on X spreads like wildfire by users, AI bots, and the owner.  One false Tweet said that Israel authorized a nuclear strike against Gaza.

Donald Trump’s Truth Social reportedly promotes conspiracy theories and propaganda to anyone who is willing to swallow the kool-aid.  According to a report in the New York Times, Truth Social is not making any money and may not be able to survive financially.

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