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George Santos announces that he will not seek re-election!

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – The Asia Pacific Economic Conference wrapped up in San Francisco and the world leaders who attended are headed back home.

US President Biden and Chinese President Xi met several times over the two days they were in California.  Each promised better communication. But the two world leaders didn’t deeply discuss China’s aggression in the Pacific, Tibet, or the Chinese spy balloons that flew over the United States.

In other words, a lot of talk and like the spy balloons, a lot of hot air.

Tesla and Elon Musk are once again in the spotlight. Musk has said that his workers could form a union but Mr. Musk’s actions speak louder than his words.  His company hasn’t allowed unions to form at his plants in the US. But, Tesla workers in Sweden are on the verge of unionizing.  

It is basic.  Easy to understand.  Unlike rocket science. Most people around the world want to work hard.  In exchange they want a comfortable roof over their heads, a safe environment in which to live, food on the table, healthcare, education for themselves and bright futures for their children.

Could this be the end for Republican George Santos? Mr. Santos beat the odds and remained in Congress despite two separate attempts to expel him because of money laundering, mail fraud, and theft allegations.  Today, The House Ethics Committee found “substantial evidence” that Mr. Santos knowingly violated ethical guidelines.

Mr.  Santos declared that he will not seek re-election when his term is up.  It is up to the voters to elect better public officials.

Earlier today, New York State filed a suit against the PepsiCo corporation for polluting the Buffalo River that is a water source for the city of Buffalo, New York.  The problem is with the plastic.   PepsiCo owns many brands that provide products in single use plastics such as 7-Up, Pepsi, Cheetos, and Gatorade.  Apparently,  their litter is polluting the river.

While PepsiCo and similar companies have a responsibility to the public and the earth, if we, The People, really want clean drinking water and don’t want to ingest microplastics, we need to stop littering.  We, The People, can do our part as well.

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