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Is it right to eliminate hard classes in schools in order to raise the level of the lower achieving students?

Last updated on March 2, 2022

In recent years, “equity”, has become the popular word that signifies “equality” for everyone. The word has become a rallying cry for groups who have been historically underrepresented or taken advantage of the United States of America.

Without a doubt, the people in the United States need to do a better job of de-marginalizing minority groups. Everyone has the right to achieve the American Dream if they are willing to work hard for it. This has always been the case and the 23% of US minority millionaires are the proof that hard work will pay off.

But recently, several school systems in the United States are doing away with AP and HP classes in high school. The HP and AP classes are for kids who need to more difficult classes than the regular classes offered in high school.

The reality is that some children don’t fully apply themselves in high school because they are bored with academic work that is not challenging enough for them. Public schools should be a vibrant place where all children can reach their full potential. Every child should receive the right education depending upon their education abilities. Schools should be a place where the pursuit of academic excellence is rewarded rather than discouraged.

Aren’t children who play sports rewarded for their achievement? They are rewarded because they are better than everyone else in their chosen sport.

If we are truly going to live in an equitable society, shouldn’t the government or the school systems offer over-achieving children a stimulating education? If school systems place limitations on education there will be a major backlash and further division within the country. The reality is that parents who have the wherewithal will remove their children from public schools that are no longer able to provide a higher-quality education to their children. If this happens, the communities will suffer and there will be negative consequences that will be felt throughout different levels of society.

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