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My fellow Americans, you almost bought the Brooklyn Bridge from the greatest Salesman that ever lived

Last updated on September 1, 2022

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SANTA MONICA, CALIF. For almost five years, Donald Trump was on the political scene offering his guidance on how the United States should be managed.

When a presidential candidate, Donald Trump said that he “could walk down Fifth Avenue, and shoot somebody, and he (I) wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” Trump was brazen. Full of bravado and machismo. Part of his allure was that a politician had never spoken like this before.

Some people loved it. They ate it up and supported Trump throughout his five years on the political scene.

The people that identified and supported Trump bought beautiful swampland in the middle of a mosquito ridden and stagnant lake. Simply said, they were hoodwinked by the greatest salesman we have seen in almost 60 years.

Why did we buy Trump’s line?

Many people across the United States felt like they were left behind during the Clinton’s administrations big push toward a knowledge base economy. American manufacturing had been shipped to Asia and Latin America as corporations sought to increase their profits.

American families who have lived in the United States for a few hundred years suddenly found themselves wondering about their future. If the manufacturing jobs went away and the government was not investing in the infrastructure where it was needed the most, the people didn’t see any opportunities available to them.

From his first speech, Trump tried to redefine American identity. The country has always been considered a “melting pot”. But for Trump, the soup of many ingredients gave way to a soup that consisted of only one ingredient – whatever Trump told it would be.

Trump played on people’s fears of criminal immigrants crossing the borders to rape our women and take our jobs. He played on our fears of Radical Islamic Terrorists infiltrating our society, committing violent acts, and further eroding an established American identity.

By the end of the Select Committee investigations, we will see how Trump identified an uneasiness in the country, how he identified a group of dissatisfied people and gave them a name, how he repeatedly undermined faith in the established American democracy and eventually persuaded – through continual propaganda bordering on brainwashing – the people to take up arms in an attempted coup against their own government.

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