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Turmoil in Washington as Markwayne Mullin challenges Sean O’Brien to a fight

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – President Biden is still in San Francisco at the APEC.   While there, he met with President Xi and Prime Minister Kishida of Japan.

While President Xi promised better communication with the US and Japan, we will have to see what his future actions are. 

Washington, DC is in turmoil.  A fight almost broke out between now Senator but former MMA fighter Markwayne Mullin and Union leader Sean O’Brien after the two had a spate on X aka Twitter.  Bernie Sanders, the elder statesman had to calm the would-be pugilists.

The saga continues with New York Representative George Santos.  The House Ethics committee officially introduced a resolution to expel Mr. Santos from Congress.  Will the Republicans let this happen?

Former Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy may have wanted to mix it up as well.  He is accused of throwing an elbow into the kidneys of Tennessee Republican Tim Burchett this week when the two men met at the Capitol.  McCarthy is supposed upset because Burchett voted to remove McCarthy.

Musk and X, aka Twitter are accused of spreading hate and antisemitism.  IBM announced they are pulling millions of dollars in advertising because of the hate speech found on the platform.

Tik Tok is also accused of spreading antisemitism and hate.   The company seems to be doing little to control the rise of propaganda and misinformation.

The war in Ukraine has continued for over 600 days.  An estimated 30,000 people have died.

The world is still ignoring the Civil War in Myanmar that began in 2021.  An estimated 7,000 civilians have died.

Over one month ago Hamas invaded Israel and the Gaza war began.  Innocent people have died on both sides.  An estimated 240 Israelis are being held captive, 1,200 were murdered and at least 11,000 Palestinian civilians have died because of the war in Gaza.

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