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Unrelenting, Japan plays a perfect strategic game of baseball to defeat Mexico, 6-5

Last updated on March 25, 2023

MIAMI – Mexico jumped ahead of Team Japan 0 – 3 early in the second semi-final of the World Baseball Classic.

Inning after inning, the Japanese were close to overtaking the Mexicans. At times, they had bases loaded or runners on second and third, but the winner of two previous WBC titles was unable to drive past the tough Mexican defense, especially left-fielder, Randy Arozarena.

In the end, the posturing of Team Mexico wasn’t enough. The Japanese played a perfectly strategic game. Bunts, sacrifice flys, and an ultimate three-run homer by Yoshida tied the game. In the bottom of the 9th, Murakami stepped up to the plate and delivered a walk-off, two-run double to push the Japanese team ahead of Mexico, 6-5.

The fans were ecstatic.

Tonight, Team U.S.A plays Team Japan in what is sure to be an exciting game. Both teams have won two baseball world titles.

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