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Week ending January 27, 2023 news recap

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – President Zelensky of Ukraine negotiated for the shipment of tanks from both the United States and Germany. The military aide shows that Ukraine’s allies are committed to providing support to Ukraine as the war with Russia continues. The tanks, Leopards from Germany and Abrams from the United States will ship in the next six months to a year.

In Monterey Park, California a lone gunman shot and killed eleven people and wounded at least nine others at a Lunar New Year’s Celebration early Sunday morning. After fleeing the murder scene, the suspect went to a dance hall where a young man fought with the man and possibly prevented the 65 year-old from killing others. Escaping in his white van, the suspect fled to Torrance, California. Swat Teams approached the van, busted the window, and found the suspect dead of an apparent suicide.

In Northern California, seven people are dead and one remains in critical condition after a 67 year-old man opened fire on farmworkers in Half Moon Bay. Police quickly took the suspect into custody where he remains in jail. At the moment, the motives for the heinous crimes are unclear.

29 year-old Tyre Nichols died three days after being beaten by five Police Officers in Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis Police say that Nichols was pulled over in his car on January 7, 2023. Police say that they had ‘confrontations’ with Nichols resulting in his beating and subsequent death. Newsweek reports that Nichols didn’t have a prior police record.

Information courtesy of NYT, WAPO, Newsweek, Google Images, CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, Reuters, and AP.

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