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Weekly Newz Update for February 17, 2023

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Thanks for joining me for our weekly newz update. A lot happened over the past week so let’s get to it. 

The United States military shot down four high altitude balloons within a week’s time. One of those balloons had also invaded Canadian airspace. 

President Biden spoke to the U.S. public this week about the balloons and made it clear that he would not apologize to China. 

Over 41,000 people are confirmed dead from the 7.8 earthquake that levelled cities across Turkey and Northern Syria nearly two weeks ago. As the search for survivors continues, rescuers comb through the rubble, hoping and praying to find their loved ones and neighbors. 

Tragedy struck at Michigan State University when a lone gunman entered the East Lansing campus and shot and killed three innocent students

Remember January 6, 2021? That was the day rioters attempted to overturn the 2020 election results and overthrow the U.S. government by storming and taking over the US Capital Building. 

The team leading the investigation into the January 6th attempted coup issued a subpoena to former Vice President Mike Pence. Pence said he would fight the Biden’s DOJ subpoena.

The four balloons were shot down near Alaska, Lake Huron, South Carolina, and The Yukon in Canada. President Biden spoke with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada about the unidentified flying object. They decided that that U.S. would shoot the UFO down.

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President Biden expressed no regret for shooting the Chinese spycraft down that had flown over the United States for five days.

Recovery efforts continue after the devastating February 6th earthquake in Turkey and Syria. After 11 days, unbelievably survivors are still being pulled from the rubble.

Gun violence in the United States continued this week. This time at Michigan State University. A gunman shot and killed three innocent students before taking his own life. Funerals will be held for the students next week 02:22:24 

Finally, a bit of good news, the Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl Champs again. Patrick 

Mahomes led his team to victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Then, he went to Disneyland

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