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Yoga – Meditation through movement and a way to balance life

Last updated on April 2, 2023

Santa Monica, Calif. In my early 20’s, I was very active. I ran marathons. Rode my bike 50 miles along the coast. Hiked through the Andes and visited Machu Picchu.

Since then, I have slowed down a bit and now in my mid-fifties, I am still active but need something that maintains my strength while continually developing my balance and stamina.

I found yoga in my mid-20’s. The first teacher I studied with was Ana Forrest and then moved across the street and studied with Maty and Chuck of YogaWorks fame.

The benefits of yoga are well-known. Increased flexibility of the muscles resulting in potential improvements of the range of motion. Many people find that yoga also connects the body with the mind resulting in an inner peace that many practitioners feel is the most important benefit.

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There are many styles of yoga and as you age, one can adjust their practice to meet their place on the journey of life. If you’re young and desire an intense cardio session, Vinyasa Flow Yoga might be for you. Yogi’s who practice this style of yoga flow through the various postures while controlling their breath.

For people who want a class that might not be as intense, Iyengar Yoga might be for you. Iyengar Yoga focuses on the postures and the correct placement and alignment of the body while in the pose. Iyengar Yoga is great for everyone because this style of yoga focuses on the duality of the yoga pose that is ever present while offering a understanding of the foundations of a yoga practice.

My son recently said that people who practiced yoga were a bunch of hippies. Maybe, that is true. But, if being a hippie means that when I’m 80 years-old, or even 90 year-old, I will be able to move with the one body I have, I don’t mind the label.

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