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Your good friend voted for Trump and sometimes makes racist comments. When should you draw the line?

Last updated on March 2, 2022

We have all experienced it. Your good friend voted for Trump and continued to support Trump during his misguided presidency. You maintained the friendship despite the racist rhetoric that Trump spewed for the five plus years that he was on the political scene.

When Trump said that he could grab any “women by the pu##y” you had to draw the line. It was more than that though but enough was enough for you. Then your friend said some things about Asians that just didn’t sit right with you. They commented about their bad driving skills. They erroneously commented about the Asians causing the Coronavirus that has impacted everyone across the world. They even went so far as to suggest violence may be ok. Which it never is.

You have tried to reason with your friend but your friend doesn’t want to change their mind. You can’t make them change.

When is enough, enough? you wonder. Each person has to make that choice for themselves. Rather than fight and argue with your friend, with whom you have a lot of history, just let them go and find their own way forward. If they want to change, they will. If they want to maintain a friendship with you, set the conditions that you will not tolerate the hateful rhetoric and ideology that has led to so much division across the world.

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