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Ring of thieves in Tokyo target women’s locker rooms at public bathhouse

TOKYO – The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department recently identified a ring of thieves who accessed public bathhouses and stole credit cards from lockers in women’s changing rooms reports the Japan Times.

In Japan, a public bathhouse will usually provide the necessities such as a robe and towel for their clients to use while at the facilities. The thieves, accessed the locker rooms wearing clothing that made them appear to be using the facilities.

Security and privacy is an issue at the bathhouses throughout Japan. Inside the changing rooms, the women expect privacy and there are not security cameras.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police reported they have arrested 17 individuals – mostly Chinese. After gaining access to the changing rooms with stolen or duplicated keys, the thieves stole credit cards stored inside lockers. The ring of thieves then purchased items and resold those purchased items for cash.

When asked whether or not they would install security cameras inside women’s changing rooms, one official said, “customarily, women’s baths do not have security cameras,” they continued, “whether it is socially acceptable to install security cameras in women’s baths should be considered by bathhouses and customers,” the official concluded.

Some informational and content provided by The Japan Times and Google Images.

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