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After two years of a global shutdown and Pandemic, is a war what the world really needs?

The world shutdown in April 2020. The amount of suffering and harm caused by the Pandemic has been felt for the past two years. Children lost out on educational opportunities. Young adults lost out on social opportunities that can never be replaced. Young men and women are still reeling from the economic hardships that Pandemic forced upon them. Older people were unable to meet with their dying parents before they moved on. Yet, the human race preserved and there was light at the end of the Pandemic tunnel. We could taste. Imagine it. It was right before our eyes. A better tomorrow.

Then, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the iron fisted President of Russia, waved his magic wand and decided to invade Ukraine. Already, we have seen the images of Ukrainians seeking shelter in subway tunnels as the bombs fell from the Russian planes. Families have been separated as parents seek to send their young children to safety in Poland and elsewhere.

When will it end? Did the world really need a war right now? Or is President Putin a warmongering opportunist that is taking advantage of the world in which we finds ourselves?

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