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Major League Baseball is the first professional sports league to allow CBD based products for athletes

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Major League Baseball has joined forces with Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. to offer cannabis – hemp based products to sports athletes and the fans that watch their heroes.

In a multi-year deal, MLB and Charlotte’s Web (sounds like something you buy over the counter at your local dispensary) will promote the hemp based (ie cannabis) tincture that allegedly helps athletes deal with muscle recovery, remain calm under pressure, while aiding their sleep cycles.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. has tested the product and MLB approved the product after stringent testing that met MLB’s scientific benchmarks and the league’s no-banned substances policy.

Further, Charlotte’s WebTM SPORT – Daily Edge, is the first broad-spectrum hemp-derived tincture to be Certified for Sport® by NSF, the highly respected global third-party organization that establishes standards for safety, quality, sustainability, and performance and certifies manufacturers and products against them.

At this time though, it is unclear whether the hemp based products have been cleared for use the FDA. Cannabis and the use of it is still considered a criminal offense in the United States despite some states legalizing the use of the Schedule 1 drug which is considered a controlled substance.

The move to legalize the smoking of marijuanna, hemp, or hashish is a controversial one. While the United States is moving to legalize the drug, other countries are not.

Recently Brittney Griner, who imported cannabis oil into Russia was sentenced to a nine-year prison term in Russia. During the Summer Olympics in Tokyo earlier this year, star soccer player, Megan Rapinoe came under criticism for promoting both her CBD use and her line of CBD products (Mendi).

Some content and reference material provided by MLB, CNN, ABC, NBC News, and the US Government.

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