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Mexican Cartel openly challenges government after exploding IED kills 6

MEXICO CITY – The Mexican government assists people who are searching for those who have disappeared over the years. An estimated 110,000 people have gone missing as the Cartels in Mexico are getting stronger. It is an epidemic of disastrous proportions.

President Lopez Obrador’s policy of “giving hugs” to criminals instead of of combating their violence, human, and drug trafficking, seems to be ineffective as crime against the Mexican people spirals out of control.

Yesterday, four police officers and two civilians were killed in the Western Mexico township of Tlajolmuco when seven IED explosives were detonated by an un-identified Cartel, the Associated Press reports.

The police were accompanied by a group of people who responded to an anonymous tip that an unmarked grave was found in the state of Jalisco. When the police and searchers arrived in Tlajolmuco and were over the IEDs, they were detonated.

At least 12 people were injured in the blast, including three young children.

Enrique Alfaro, the Governor of Jalisco, posted on various social media accounts that this attack, “represents an open attack against the Mexican government on all levels.”

Some content courtesy of the Associated Press, Wikipedia, the Council of Foreign Relations, and The Guardian.

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