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Robert Kennedy Jr. will now run as an independent candidate in the 2024 U.S. elections

SANTA MONICA – On Monday, Robert Kennedy Jr, stood before a crowd at Independence Mall in Philadelphia, PA and told his followers that he would not run against President Biden for the Democratic nomination, instead, Kennedy told his acolytes that he would run as an independent candidate.

Kennedy is a long time environmental lawyer who is not afraid to take on big government and big business. He believes the government and big business have “betrayed the trust” of the American people as Big Tech controls the Federal Trade Commission while Big Ag controls the US Department of Agriculture. According to Kennedy, big business and big government “conspire to surveil and censor the public.”

Despite Kennedy’s aversion to the current state of politics and business, he has supported Democrats in the past. Since the early 2000’s Kennedy has consistently supported Hillary Clinton’s successful bid for New York Senator and her two failed attempts for the U.S. Presidency. Moreover, Kennedy has supported the economic plans of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Kennedy’s announcement to run as an independent garnered backlash from Republicans in the United States. Presidential hopeful and rookie Republican politician, Vivek Ramaswamy, unabashedly supports drilling for fossil fuels and digging for coal regardless of the environment impacts. According to a press release from the Republican National Convention, Kennedy is just “another liberal who wants to ban fossil fuels and raise taxes” against the American people.

Kennedy’s announcement may cause problems for both the Democrats and the Republicans. While Kennedy has made some controversial statements, especially about the Covid-19 pandemic, his policies may reverberate with some voters who believe that former President Trump has too much power over the GOP. On the other hand, some Democrats may be swayed by Kennedy’s stance against the relationship between big government and big business, who many believe the elderly Biden is not willing to address.

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