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The G7 stands in full support of Ukrainian sovereignty in spite of Russia’s continued aggression

KYIV, Ukraine – The bombs fall from the sky as the dirt from the earth explodes into the air. Playgrounds, apartment houses, and buildings that once house thriving businesses are now piles of rubble as the Russian war machine drops death from the air searching for civilian targets.

Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine started more than seven months ago.

Earlier today, the Group of Seven (G7), met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to discuss Russia’s sustained war and invasion of Ukraine.

During the meeting, the G7 reaffirmed that they fully support Ukraine’s independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty in its international borders. The G7 also stressed that Ukraine has a lawful right to defend itself from Russian Aggression.

Over the past several days, the Russian military has stepped up its attack against soft targets – civilian ones. Because of these unwarranted attacks on noncombatants, the G7 declared the indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilian populations, war crimes.

The G7 announced they will impose further economic sanctions against Russia. As the northern hemisphere moves toward winter – the sanctions are likely to have a negative effect on the Russian population and economy.

The New York Times reported that President Zelenskyy asked the G7 for a modern and updated air defense system. The United States has pledged their support and a spokesman for the National Security Council said that the Biden administration was “interested in expediting” the delivery of two advanced NASAMS missile systems that had been promised to Ukraine.

Courtesy of Kyiv Independent

Some content and info courtesy of Kyiv Independent, google, the New York Times, and CBS News.

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