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The search for missing people continues in Morocco after a deadly 6.8 earthquake

MOROCCO and SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Nearly 24 hours after the deadly earthquake nearly leveled the High Atlas Mountain region of western Morocco, a global effort to find survivors is underway.

The earthquake, which is the largest to hit Northern Africa in the last 20 years, occurred lated Friday night local time. Many people were in their beds sleeping, at restaurants, or just out and about.

When the earthquake struck, people scrambled into the streets as the walls, mainly constructed of clay and brick, started to crumbling trapping people underneath.

So far at least 2,000 people are confirmed dead and the death toll is expected to climb. Bill McGuire, Professor Emeritus of geophysical and climate hazards at University College London said, “I would expect the final death toll to climb into the thousands once more is known. As with any big quake, aftershocks are likely, which will lead to further casualties and hinder search and rescue.”

In 2020, Israel normalized relations with Morocco and pledged their support and assistance. To assist the speedy arrival of personnel and equipment in the search for survivors, Algeria said they would relax restrictions on their airspace allowing for airplanes to delivery supplies.

Doctors Without Borders is mobilizing and preparing to send help. Avril Benoit, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders, said the organization is communicating with local authorities to assess the damage and need for support.

Doctors Without Borders is a nonpartisan and independent organization that provides humanitarian assistance to people sufferrring from natulra an man-made tragedies. Follow this link to make a direct donation: Doctors Without Borders.

Some content courtesy of NBC via YouTube, The Times of Israel, NDTV and Google Images

A man stumbles through the rubble in an alley after a 6.8 earthquake leveled parts of western Morocco. Courtesy of NDTV.
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